We provide bespoke customer experienced for customized bus solutions and transport consultancy – facilitated by high-quality, innovative services.

Our Services:

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Industrialize, collaborate & associate

We intend to increase our production capacity by 10% through collaboration with new & reputed brands by techniques of “value-adding”, assembling and processing finished accessories complementing the Unit, Powerpack systems & electronics in the house. Making our premises the one-stop shop for climate control solutions, and our brand the local partner of OEMs across the globe.

Non AC to AC Conversions

With state of an art facility in DIP, we can convert a non-ac bus to an ac bus in a matter of 24 hours, with bespoke interiors and ducting designs.

Better Transportation is a greater future

Increasing footprint and better access to regions have all the more increased the need for consumer-focused transport, high in quality and consistent with performance.

Transport Refrigeration

Construction of insulated boxes on a chassis, conversions to chillers and freezers on the go, for f & b transport needs.

Repair & Breakdown assistance

With more than 8 permanent locations across GCC, we attend breakdowns across 53 locations daily.

Fleet maintenance

With an experienced and talented technical team, we provide fleet maintenance service contract plans across the MENA region.

what sets us apart...

RIDA is a localization partner for multinational brands of bespoke automotive temperature control systems mainly for MCV’s & HCV’s. Continuing its legacy, with a focus on engineering and tech enabled automotive solutions, the Group is catering to the future of mobility with end-consumer needs in mind by, adding value and localizing in the GCC, making goods and services affordable & localized. Addressing every challenge, there are key aspects of customization for all that set us apart from the rest, and on the basis of which, we build our competitive advantage.



RIDA is GCC’s & MENA’s largest and only industry-certified local content provider for internationally renowned, Automotive Air-conditioning manufacturers of Buses & Trucks, offering an extensive range of integrated, smart, and bespoke solutions. RIDA is established with top-of-the-line sourcing, technical support & manufacturing facilities, at UAE & India.

RIDA offers Air conditioning products, for chassis ranging from 4-tonne to 24-tonne Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) mainly, small, medium, and large buses and coaches and passenger vehicles. RIDA is the only player in GCC’s CV market with a product line supported by its heavy service network spread across 9 regions, customized as per the requirements of the end-customer, bespoke, and tailor-made.

VISION FY 2020-24


We will become the only customer-oriented Made in UAE brand, consistently winning by,

We innovate mobility solutions with passion to enhance the quality of life.

  • Introducing a NEW and improvised line of A/C’s through channel partnering with multinational foreign brands by 2021.
  • Avail and maximize utilization of our Industrial license, to make in the UAE.
  • Delivering superior financial returns.
  • Driving sustainable mobility solutions.
  • Exceeding customer expectations.
  • Creating a highly engaged workforce.


  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Customer centricity
  • Speed